The User and/or their legal representative is responsible for the actions performed on the Services, including the liability for violation of the rights of third parties.

The Service is a tool that enables Users to receive information. At the same time, Metoshi cannot always guarantee that the information posted on the Website complies with the laws of the User's country. Thus, the quality, security and legality of the information posted on the Website is beyond the control of Metoshi. Therefore, Metoshi is not responsible for the content of the information provided to the User.

Given the principles of structure and operation of the Internet, the Services are provided "as is", which means that Metoshi does not provide any guarantees regarding the Services. In particular, Metoshi does not guarantee to the User that:

  • The Services, their direct or indirect effect and quality will meet the requirements, goals and expectations of the User;

  • The Services will be provided continuously, reliably and without errors and/or will be available to the User;

  • The results that will be obtained through the use of the Services will be accurate, reliable and meet the User's expectations;

  • The Website and/or its Services will function/work and be updated on the User's devices and/or for the software of such devices.

Metoshi and the User hereby declare and warrant to each other that, as of the date and for the duration of the User Agreement, each of them:

  • Has the powers necessary to enter into this User Agreement and fulfill the obligations assumed under the User Agreement;

  • Took all the actions necessary for the conclusion and execution of the User Agreement, and to ensure that the User Agreement is legal, binding on them and enforceable in relation to their counterparty;

  • To the best of their knowledge, there are no unresolved legal issues, threats of litigation or other circumstances that may have negative consequences for the party to the User Agreement or its activities, the party to the User Agreement has not violated any material provisions of any contract or other agreement concluded by it, there are no rulings and decisions of the court, arbitration court or other state agency that may have a negative impact on the position of the party to the User Agreement or its activities;

  • There are property-related obligations and no provisions in legislation or other regulations, in contracts binding on a party to the User Agreement that may violate or prevent the signing or execution of the User Agreement;

  • Fulfillment of obligations under the User Agreement is an unconditional obligation of the party to the User Agreement, which has at least the same priority as other obligations of the party to the User Agreement;

  • All documents and information provided by a party to the User Agreement to the other party in connection with this User Agreement are authentic, factually correct, complete and accurate in all respects, and the party to the User Agreement does not conceal any facts that, should they become known, could adversely influence the decision of the other party to the User Agreement to enter into this agreement;

  • Has sufficient information about their counterparty to the extent necessary to select it as such, to understand that it has sufficient resources to fulfill its obligations under the User Agreement;

  • The obligations of the party to the User Agreement under this agreement are legal, valid, current and binding on the party to the User Agreement, subject to execution in accordance with the provisions of the User Agreement;

Each party hereby acknowledges that it is entering into the User Agreement in reliance on the representations and warranties which are provided by the other party and material to it.

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