Official Metoshi Whitepaper, last updated February 2022
Metoshi is a simple decentralized solution in a world where DeFi projects are gaining popularity. Metoshi Platform provides ready-made solutions for all GameFi projects on blockchain. Metoshi is a single entertainment platform that combines:
  • CRYPTO Game Studio
  • Comics Studio
  • Hybrid Marketplace of NFT gaming projects
Each of our ecosystem products is designed to make life easier for anyone who uses various blockchain technologies, or is just starting their journey in this field. All of Metoshi's businesses complement each other perfectly, creating a unified platform.
About global
The endangered Red Panda is found in the southeastern part of the Himalayas. It's found in the forests of China, India. Several hundred have been recorded in Nepal. The number of pandas today is around 10,000. This cute creature is listed in the Red Book.
The Metoshi ecosystem brings the issue of these animals' extinction to the attention of everyone on our platform and helps increase the panda population through business development, with part of the proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Together, let's help the endangered red panda.
Our mission
Our mission is to create the largest decentralized platform for gaming projects and our community
Our mission is to create an ecosystem for our platform members; to help the red panda population through increased revenue from all destinations.
Who is Metoshi
Metoshi is the protagonist of our ecosystem, it's the guide to all our destinations, it's our company style, it's everyone's attention to the endangered red panda species.
Our directions
The Metoshi Platform is about changing outdated patterns and perceptions of blockchain projects towards freedom and creativity.
  • Metoshi Game Studio creates crypto games in collaboration with the community and project initiators
  • Metoshi Comics Studio creates comics about the adventures of the red panda, Metoshi. Each comic is an NFT
  • Everyone can buy or sell their gaming, or any other NFT on our marketplace
Our vision
We believe that:
  • The world is created by ordinary people like you and me, that anyone can be a hero and play and earn
  • Blockchain games should be available to everyone
  • Comics are modern, stylish, preparing the reader for exciting stories in GameFi games
  • No one has to pay big commissions. Our referrals create a single ecosystem for ease of use and low commissions
  • We believe there is a future where everyone can make money from participating in crypto projects
  • Our Metoshi ecosystem will help increase the population of red pandas and remove this animal from the red book
We believe in simplicity and idealism!
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