Metoshi Project Description

Official Metoshi Whitepaper, last updated November 2022
Metoshi is an easy-to-use decentralized solution in a world where DeFi projects are gaining popularity. Metoshi is an entertainment platform that combines:
● A crypto game studio
● A comics studio
● A marketplace for NFT gaming projects
● The METOLAND 2.0 MetOverse
Each of our ecosystem projects is aimed at making things easy for people who use various blockchain technologies or are only just beginning their journey in this field. All Metoshi services work perfectly well together as part of an integrated platform.
Global View
The endangered red panda is found in the southeastern part of the Himalayas. It can still be spotted in the forests of China and India. Several hundred specimens have been observed in Nepal. The number of red pandas today is around 10,000. This cute creature has been listed in the Red Book of Endangered Species.
Who is Metoshi?
Metoshi is the protagonist of our ecosystem, the guide to all our destinations, representing our company’s style and bringing everyone’s attention to the endangered red panda species.
Our Vision
We believe that:
The world is shaped by ordinary people like you and us, and everyone can be a hero and play to earn.
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