Road map


The genesis of the idea behind the Metoshi Platform

  • We wanted to combine philanthropy and commerce.✅

  • We wanted to create blockchain games where everyone could earn through skillful gameplay and participation in the ecosystem. ("Play to Earn" & "Free to Play".)✅

  • We wanted to create a comic book series about the adventures of our red panda, Metoshi.✅

  • We decided to create a single platform combining our exchange and our game studio Metoshi-Game.✅



Intelligent planning

  • Creating the concept of one decentralized ecosystem,✅

  • Recruiting the best professionals into the team✅

  • Writing a development plan for all elements of our platform.✅

  • Starting the calculation of the METO utility token tokenomics✅

  • Searching for and making arrangements with international organizations to help the red panda population


Designing a common ecosystem

  • Designing the structure of the Metoshi GameFi✅

  • Creation of smart contracts for METO token✅


Start of development

  • Development of Metoshi Comics✅

  • Development of Metoshi GameFi✅

  • Expansion of the platform team✅



  • Pre-sale of METO token✅

  • Release of the red panda comics, Metoshi.✅

  • Staking, Game Pool✅

  • Complete launch of “Communities” Game✅

  • Listing METO on PancakeSwap✅



Metoshi Adventure game

  • METOLAND game development✅

  • Metoshi Marketplace✅

  • "Communities" update


  • Testing the METOLAND game


  • Launch of Metoshi Marketplace

  • IDO of Governance OSHI Token

  • Listing Governance OSHI Token

  • Completely launch of METOLAND

  • Release of the new comic book collection about the adventures of the red panda, Metoshi.

  • Release of a new comic book collection about the adventures of the red panda, Metoshi.

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