The terms laid out in this section and the PRIVACY POLICY section of this User Agreement apply to the use of Cookies by Metoshi and its Affiliates when the User uses the Website.

Cookies are small text files and other similar technologies, such as pixel tags, web beacons and device fingerprints, that are stored on the User's device (a computer or a mobile device) in the process of interaction with the Website, and are necessary to improve its efficiency.

Cookies are necessary to remember the User's preferences in search queries, in order to select information and advertisements that would be useful for them. They simplify (automate) the User's actions, make it possible to track the number of visits and actions of the User on the Product Services, are used to create a personalized User experience from interacting with the Services, to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and allow Metoshi to further improve the quality of the Services.

Metoshi may receive analytical and statistical data and other reports based on the use of Cookies by specialized third-party analytics services, such as Google Analytics by Google Inc., either on an individual basis or in aggregate form based on Anonymized Data. Metoshi may also partner with third parties to place and distribute advertisements on the resources of the Website, using information from Cookies to manage advertising content. Metoshi draws the attention of Users to the fact that the principles and methods of using Cookies in the operation of such services may change at some point, therefore it is the responsibility of the User to receive timely and up-to-date information about the principles and methods of using Cookies by such services.

The User's browser may store all of the listed types of Cookies or only some of them. The User may disable certain types of Cookies; however, this may affect the functionality of the Services and their operation. It can be done in the settings of the services of the User’s browser at any time. Metoshi recommends that the User independently familiarize themselves with the information on how to disable Cookies or change the Cookie settings for their browser (this function may not be available on mobile devices) by clicking on the following links:

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