Under the terms of this User Agreement, Metoshi offers the User to use the Services available on the Website. With regard to the use of individual Services, Metoshi may establish additional terms, rules and restrictions. Metoshi r has the right to revise or change the terms of the Services, supplement, change, limit, expand the functionality of the Services, including the terms for the User's access to the Services or certain functionality of the Service, at any time.

The Services are provided to the User on the terms of free and/or paid use, depending on the functionality of the Service chosen by the User. The terms for providing the functionality of the Service on a free basis are established by this User Agreement. The conditions for providing the User with certain functions of the Service on a paid basis are established by this User Agreement and/or a separate license agreement and/or other agreement/contract concluded between the Parties in the form of an offer or in another legal way, or the conditions posted on the Services themselves.

The Website is a platform that enables Users to post information and view Content independently and at their own risk and peril, including, insofar as provided for by the functionality of the Services found in the relevant section of the Website, to interact with the Crypto Service and to use other Services provided by the Website, insofar as provided for by their functionality and/or the terms of any concluded agreements.

By Accepting the Offer, the User guarantees that they have all the rights and powers necessary to conclude and execute the User Agreement. Metoshi r has the right to demand from the User to provide information and documents confirming these rights and powers in order to check them for compliance with the requirements for Users, at any time. Legal representatives of Users not having the legal capacity to use the Services or of Users who, due to age and/or law, are limited in their access to information posted on the Website, are obliged to independently assess the degree of risk for the User from using the Services and independently bear responsibility and legal consequences that may result from the use of such Services by the Users.

The provided Services can be changed, disabled, supplemented, updated or change the form and nature of their functionality at any time without prior notice to the User, and therefore their use is offered "as is", i.e. in the form and to the extent in which they are provided by Metoshi at the time the User accesses the Services. Metoshi r may, if necessary, terminate (temporarily or permanently) the provision of the Services (or any individual functions within the Services) to all Users in general or to an individual User in particular, at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

Services can be provided to Users on the basis of data/services/licenses of third-party services.

This User Agreement applies to the Website and all currently existing features of the Services, as well as to any development and/or addition of new features, as well as changes to existing features of the Services.

The User acknowledges and agrees that nothing in the User Agreement can be understood as the establishment of any relations between the User and Metoshi that are not expressly provided for in this User Agreement.

The User hereby confirms that they have the technical information necessary to launch and use the Services, including the information about hardware and software requirements. The User also confirms that they have the technical means necessary to use the Services.

The User hereby acknowledges and understands that the graphic, audio and/or video materials included in the Services may, under some circumstances, cause an exacerbation of nervous disorders in persons suffering from such disorders, including neuropsychiatric conditions. The User confirms that they do not suffer from such disorders, or assures that they will not use the Services.The User is obliged to stop using the Services for prolonged periods of time if this use may cause damage to their physical or mental health.

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