This White Paper has been prepared for information purposes, and describes the Metoshi project. The presented text, in whole or in part, shall not constitute an offer or legally binding agreement of any kind. The present document shall be considered solely as a brief presentation of the proposed project, which is not an offer to sell or buy any project shares, or other securities or valuables.

The Metoshi team does neither develop nor use its own blockchain, therefore, the use of Binance Smart Chain carries the usual risks associated with relying on an architecture out of control of the project team.

Metoshi and/or the supplier (operator) of the project’s tokens provides an opportunity to receivе or dispose of such tokens or exchange them within the framework of the underlying logic and conditions. As for transfer/exchange of any other tokens, regardless of their mode of representation, for the project's tokens, it cannot be considered an investment in the traditional sense of the term, including any obligations of the project or another party to pay/accrue any remuneration/dividends/royalties/interest in any form or expression whatsoever. Neither the project team nor any other party shall assume any obligations, nor give guarantees or any assurances to anyone that the value or profitability of the project's tokens will meet the expectations of its owner or any third parties.

Statements that include the words"expects","plans","believes","projects","will", "goals","may","in the future","further","continuation" and similar statements are predictable or have promising character. Ву their nature, forward-looking statements involve а number of risks, assumptions and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those reflected or implied in the forward- looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include:

  • changes in the conditions of the stock or cryptocurrency markets, as well as changes in the regulatory environment in the countries where the Metoshi project will operate;

  • changes in the competitive environment in which Metoshi operates;

  • the risk that Metoshi may not be able to implement its plans and projects or may not have sufficient funds to continue its activities;

  • other factors beyond the control of the Metoshi project.

Metoshi disclaims any obligation or implementation of any forward-looking statements.

This White Paper is not intended to be employed as a basis for making investment decisions, especially by persons without professional expertise in investment making or related matters, and the responsibility for such decisions shall lie solely with the persons making said decisions.

We hereby explicitly ask you not to risk any financial, digital or other assets, the loss of which may become critical or irreparable for you. Neither the project team nor any other party shall be held responsible, or compensate for any losses and/or damages (including but not limited to the loss or non-receipt of income or profit, as well as the loss of the ability to use any assets, money or data) caused by system errors, hacker attacks, transaction failures, interruption of the project activities, loss of information, or other property damage arising from any reliance on the information about the project, participation in the Metoshi project, or the use of the project’s digital assets.

The owner of project tokens or any other digital assets shall solely bear full responsibility for the safety of their assets, access thereto, and disposal thereof.

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