Metoshi GameFi
Blockchain game stuidio


Metoshi is a fully-featured entertainment platform for all blockchain gaming projects, including Marketplace, and more. All the coolest gaming startups are assembled on the Metoshi platform
In addition, the in-house gaming studio combines the cutting-edge trends and competencies of the blockchain-based gaming industry.
Metoshi GameFi's motto: "We create games together!".

The main strengths of our studio are:

  • Games are co-created with the community and project initiators according to an established algorithm of interaction with community participation
  • Possibility to farm game NFTs on our platform using METO token
  • Use of only METO utility token as an internal unit of account in all games
  • Synergy effect of game mechanics from the platform ecosystem
  • A great opportunity for the community to invest in games at an early stage via Game Pool.
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