Use of in-game NFTs

Players can use in-game NFTs to increase their earnings, plus speed up development and resource gathering:

- Lumberjack NFT - put it in the Sawmill to speed up Wood mining

- Farmer NFT - put it in the Farm to speed up Food mining

- Digger NFT - put it in the Pit to speed up Clay mining

- Miner NFT - put it in the Mine to speed up Rock mining

After minting an NFT, the user can select one of the following NFT lootboxes:

- Lumberjack Chest

- Farmer Chest

- Digger Chest

- Miner Chest

NFT characters can vary in rarity, and using them in the game can multiply the gathering rate of resources by several times:

- Common (Speeds up gathering х10)

- Rare (Speeds up gathering х35)

- Epic (Speeds up gathering х130)

- Legendary (Speeds up gathering х500)

With increased amounts of gathered resources, players can speed up their camp’s development and earn METO tokens.

You can only put character NFTs in resource-gathering buildings:

BuildingNFT character









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