The User can start using the Services by accessing the Website via the appropriate link and interacting with the Website interface using devices that allow such interaction (having the appropriate technical parameters/characteristics, software, access to communication networks, including the Internet). Certain features of the Website Service only become available to the User after their Registration procedure and/or Authorization on the Website.

During the Registration, the User shall submit the Credentials that are required by the Services for the Registration procedure and/or subsequent Authorization and that the User shall choose/specify themselves. If the following is provided for by the relevant Services as a part of the Registration procedure, after entering the relevant data/information, the User receives a code on the phone number and/or e-mail address specified during Registration, which is required for verification and/or authentication purposes. Registration of any single Account is carried out only once for any unique phone number and/or e-mail address and/or one address of the User's electronic blockchain wallet ID. A subsequent registration of a new account on the Service using the phone number and/or email address and/or electronic blockchain wallet ID previously specified during the Registration is not allowed. The User can change their Credentials in their Personal Profile on the Service or, if necessary, in another way provided for by the Service.

In order to access the Services, the User undertakes to provide accurate and complete information on all queries made during the Registration, which is necessary for Metoshi to fulfill its obligations and/or for the User to gain access to the Services. The User undertakes to keep this information relevant.

The User is obliged to monitor the safety of their Credentials and not to disclose them to any third parties. The User is not entitled to transfer their Credentials to third parties, as well as directly or indirectly allow third parties to use the User’s Credentials for Authorization on the Service.

The User shall be solely responsible for ensuring the security (resistance to guessing) of their chosen Password, and shall furthermore independently ensure the confidentiality of their Password. The User shall be held solely responsible for all actions (along with their consequences) related to their use of the Services under their User Account, including cases of voluntary surrender of the User Account access data by the User to third parties in any way that violates the terms of the User Agreement, or without such surrender taking place.

Any action performed from within the User’s Personal Profile and/or using their Credentials is considered an action performed by the User themselves and imposes duties and responsibilities on the User in relation to such actions, including all liability for violation of the present User Agreement, within the framework of the law requirements in relation to any User Data posted by the User, and any information posted by the User on the Service.

Users are obliged to change the Credentials immediately if they have reason to suspect that the Credentials have been disclosed, or can be otherwise used by third parties not authorized by them, or when asked to change them by Metoshi.

Metoshi has the right to use any technical means available to verify the validity of the information provided by the User when using the Services. Metoshi cannot guarantee that the identity of any given User corresponds to that User’s claims thereto and cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies, as well as cannot guarantee that any information provided by the Users of the Service is accurate.

Metoshi has the right to unilaterally deny any User access to their Account and/or their Personal Profile. Metoshi has the right to terminate/block and/or restrict any User’s access to the Services at any time, as well as block or delete User Accounts on the Service without an opportunity of recovery, as well as prohibit access from any Account to any specific Services and features of the Services and remove any content or information without explanation and unilaterally at its own discretion, including when the User infringes on the terms of the User Agreement and/or a separate license agreement and/or any other agreement/transaction concluded in the form of an offer or otherwise legally between Metoshi and the User, or without such infringement. The fact of infringement of the terms of agreements and/or legislation by the User is established by Metoshi in a unilateral and independent fashion. The User hereby agrees to this procedure and undertakes to comply with any such decision made by Metoshi.

In order to anticipate or prevent violation of the User Agreement and/or damage to the Website (for example, from DDoS attacks or other hacker attacks, use of software unauthorized by Metoshi, including when used by the User to upload, post, or download information, etc.), Metoshi has the right to restrict access of the User or any third parties to the Website and Services by blocking access from the relevant IP address or ranges of IP addresses.

Registration is not required for viewing information posted on the Service in the public domain, however, when such actions are performed from a mobile device, personal computer, mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or other device of the User, they are considered actions performed by the User themselves, and entail the same obligations and consequences for the User as if they themselves performed these actions.

Metoshi provides Users with round-the-clock access to the Services, except for maintenance downtimes and other circumstances that may prevent the use of the Services. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to: the User’s lack of Internet access, the User’s failure to maintain the necessary technical infrastructure in error-free condition, and others.

Metoshi shall not be held responsible for any possible loss and/or damage to data arising from the User’s violation of the provisions of any agreements/transactions concluded by the Parties, as well as improper access to and/or use of the Services, or any technical failures.

By accessing the Service, the User agrees to receive advertising information posted on the Service by Metoshi and/or third parties. The User understands and agrees that Metoshi does not determine the content and is not responsible for the information posted by third parties, including websites that may be linked to in the relevant materials.

Metoshi has the right to independently, unilaterally and at its own discretion, determine the conditions and/or procedure under which Users shall pay for individual or paid Services, including, but not limited to: the conditions, procedure, and methods of payments effected by Users between themselves and Metoshi. Changes to the aforementioned conditions may be set forth in the relevant agreements or posted/changed on the Services themselves.

The use of software that allows viewing or posting information on the Service bypassing the usual procedure for posting information (for example, using software for automatic upload of information) in the absence of written permission from Metoshi is strictly prohibited and may lead to termination and/or suspension of the publication of information, as well as blocking access to the Services.

The Services are not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age or other age provided for by the laws of the country of citizenship/affiliation/residence of the User. Metoshi does not knowingly collect information about the age of the User, including personal information from children under 18 years of age. Therefore, restrictions on the access of such persons to the Website and/or its Services are carried out by the User themselves or their legal representative. If the User is under the age of 18 or has not reached the age necessary to use the Website and/or its Services provided for by the laws of the country of citizenship/affiliation/residence of the User, they are obliged to stop all use of the Website and its Services. The use of the Services by persons who are under the age of 18 or another age provided for by the laws of the country of citizenship/affiliation/residence of the User means that they act with the consent and/or approval of their legal representative, with the latter bearing all the legal consequences of such use.

The User's requests to Metoshi about issues related to the use of the Services are considered in the manner provided for on the relevant Service or by e-mail:

Metoshi has the right not to consider the User's requests when they: do not contain information and documents necessary for consideration of the request; contain false information and (or) documents that have signs of being inauthentic; are related to issues on which Metoshi has previously sent a response to the User (repeated requests); contain insults, threats or requests stated in a highly expressive manner; are sent in violation of other terms and the procedure for consideration of requests provided for by Metoshi.

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