The Beaver Foundation

Every now and then, the Beaver Foundation launches resource-gathering campaigns: a timer is displayed counting down the period in which resources can be gathered.

Players can invest an unlimited amount of resources in the Beaver Foundation.

The following resources can be invested:

1. Wood

2. Rock

3. Clay

4. Food

This is how much glory you will gain in exchange for each invested resource:

1. 1 unit of glory per 1 unit of Wood

2. 2 units of glory per 1 unit of Rock

3. 3 units of glory per 3 units of Clay

4. 5 units of glory per 1 unit of Food

Glory is credited to players after resources are invested in the Foundation.

Rewards are distributed among all players dependent on the share of glory they hold in the Foundation. Reward (in tokens) is calculated using the formula below:

Reward = (my glory / total glory of all players) * prize pool

When the time is up, all players will be given $METO tokens as a prize based on how much they invested in the Foundation.

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