METOLAND 2.0 MetOverse

In the last few years, the term “metaverse” has soared in popularity and is being used when talking about such games as Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft and Animal Crossing.

The METOLAND 2.0 MetOverse is styled as a ‘60s US retro futuristic virtual world, where players can create, own and monetize their assets, such as land plots, trees, plants, animals, resource-gathering buildings, fairytale transport, markets, locations for mini games, and many others. METO and OSHI tokens are the main tokens used by the METOSHI platform (game).

METOLAND 2.0 is a carefully thought-out environment with all infrastructural facilities and vacant land plots located in the right places. It is a unique metaverse where a user can walk, see other participants, interact with them, and, most importantly, see the other participants’ development and profit-earning with their own eyes. And if you have your own fairytale transport, you are always welcome to take a ride across the METOLAND 2.0 metaverse.

There is also an internal chat for communicating with other participants, which makes the MetOverse even more realistic and facilitates social interaction among the players.

After the METOLAND 2.0 metaverse expansion reaches a certain level, players will be able to allocate advertising space on billboards, trees, buildings, structures, fairytale transport, etc.

Players will be also able to sell land plots, buildings and sites, rent them out and earn profit jointly with the METOSHI project.

See the list below indicating the proceeds that can be earned by owners of certain kinds of buildings, structures and infrastructural facilities:

● Owners of resource-gathering buildings (Sawmill, Pit, Mine and Farm) gather resources on-chain and obtain raw materials for the construction of new buildings and structures. They can also make the resources they gather available at the Marketplace and sell them to other participants.

● Marketplace Owners will receive a share of profits from all types of resource sales among the participants.

● Camp Owners will be able to found a settlement and receive a share of resources gathered by other participants (those that do not have a Camp).

● Owners of Advertising Agencies will receive a share of proceeds from all types of ads placed on trees, buildings and other surfaces.

■ Owners of Real Estate Agencies will receive a share of proceeds from subsequent sale of all land plots.

■ …And there will be other benefits too!

The METOLAND 2.0 token is an actual digital asset.

As the number of land plots, buildings and structures is limited, and each of them has its own unique set of properties, their price will grow steadily as the audience expands.

The impressive technologies developed by METOSHI make the project stand out from other metaverses, making it a definite winner in this area.

The Metaverse offers free registration: any participant can register and start exploring it. After this, participants can buy a land plot or a building on the primary or secondary market.

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