METO token


METO is a BEP-20 standard utility token created in Binance Smart Chain, used throughout the Metoshi ecosystem.


  • Use as native in all Metoshi GameFi games
  • Purchase of game, collectible, and comics NFTs
  • Internal currency in Metoshi Marketplace
  • Staking METO - Earn METO
  • Staking METO - Earn Game NFTs
  • Staking METO - Earn Comics NFTs
  • Game pool. Invest in our crypto games at the earliest stage to get maximum profits.
The METO token, like all of our NFTs, is based on Binance Smart Chain. However, we plan to use cross-chain technology soon, creating bridges to Ethereum and Polygon.
In this way, the Metoshi ecosystem applies the METO token in all directions with a weighted deflationary program and creates increased liquidity for the token.


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